The programm of Ladyfest Cologne includes different types of events. To give you a little orientation and an idea of what's expecting you, we tried to find titles and descriptions for the different events. For sure, there are smooth transitions between the categories and as always: every event is what you make it!


Here you can find information on events that take place in advance of Ladyfest Cologne and that are organized by us to raise funds for the festival.


This category has a wonderful telling name. All concerts take place in the big hall in the Kulturbunker Mülheim and there will be an entry of 5 Euros. Beginning will be at 20h/ 8 p.m.


In this category you can find everything, that takes place during the whole three days of the Ladyfest and is spread all over the place in the building.


Here you can find lectures, that are held by referees for theoretical input and discussions that target to initiate the exchange of the people coming together at Ladyfest Cologne about different issues.


Workshops are events where practical skills are being imparted, so you will get active. For some workshops you will need certain materials or there will be asked for registration because of a limitated number of participants. For more information, please check the information about the event itself.


it is what it is.