EXHIBITION: Playing the game

In which ways do contemporary artists deal with questions of gender?
Drawings, photographs, video works and installations will be displayed, they all show a different approach to the theme. In this process an interrogative exploration is more important than giving quick responses:
How can one handle a self-concerned image of oneself without defining? Do we work like scanners that absorb reality and simply copy it? The works circle around borders of gender and the search for self- determined identity as well as the insecurities this search contains.

The exhibition takes place from 21 to 23 november at Kulturbunker Mülheim, Cologne.

- - - At 22. and 23. of november, 15 p.m. Christiane König will guide you through the exhibition. - - -

Participating Artists:

Hans Diernberger
Philip Jaan
Lisa Klinkenberg
Karin Lingnau
Jens Pecho
Timo Seber
Sandra Stein
Sara Katrine Thiesen


The arstist about herself:

My art name is lolagouine and i’m a queer visual artist.

I was born in Southern Spain, but i have lived in different European countries since then. Now i live in Montreal (Quebec, Canada) where i’m part of a queer and queer people-of-colour skillshare and art collective, the Ste. Emilie Skillshare -->Website

My work consists mainly in zines, silkscreening and video-installations. I have been making my zine “It’s raining dykes/Il pleut des gouines” for 5 years now. I did another zine, called Genderpoo, with pictos for non-binary anti-oppression WC. Since then, Genderpoo has evolved a lot, it has grown deeper and further thanks to “bad” influences in Canada.

Now, I usually create an installation with an animation film (also called Genderpoo) and pictos in events, exhibition spaces WC etc.

The films will be shown in the cinema.
See also -->SPACE to find out about the "LABEL YOURSELF"-Project.

-->Website von lolagouine:


gender-fuck-me-comix about delight and frustration with and about the gender-constructions in our daily lifes aswell as in the so-called leftist-queer-scene An attempt to question "realities", to develope alternatives and to inspire new ideas. The exhibition shows the developement of several comix, from raw sketch to final work. .d.i.y. - anyone can do comix

Trouble X will also support you during the zine-workshop: -->WORKSHOPS

-->Website von Trouble X:


Photography by Daniela Krneta

About the artist:

Anfangs, als die Vögel noch Zähne hatten, war ich in einem Ei von meinem Vater. Nach einem neunmonatigem Aufenthalt im Bauch meiner Mutter, erblickte ich das Licht der Welt. Da das Vorgefundene nach Umgestaltung schrie, wetzte ich schnell meine Kamera und entrümpelte meine kleinen Augäpfel. Seit 2005 studiere ich Kommunikationsdesign an der Bergischen Universität Wuppertal.

About the exhibition:

"Absolut" ist eine Zusammenstellung von inszenierten Fotografien, die über einen Zeitraum von mehreren Jahren entstanden ist. Das gemeinsame Thema der gezeigten Arbeiten ist die kritische Auseinandersetzung mit unterschiedlichen "Frauen"-Bildern.